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Marilyn MonroeJust as there was an allure to Marilyn Monroe that fascinated men and women, The Marilyn Guitar has also had its share of suitors and admirers. Johnson first recognized the appeal his guitar could hold over rock 'n' roll royalty when he entered the guitar in a contest sponsored by the legendary Frank Zappa, who was looking for the perfect "It Girl".

Frank Zappa met and signed the Marilyn Guitar, becoming the first of many stars who would make their mark on the well-traveled instrument. In the years that followed, Johnson would acquaint numerous stars with The Marilyn Guitar: Keith Richards, Angus Young, Chrissie Hynde, Rick Nielsen and many others. The Marilyn Guitar opened backstage doors to rock legends, who wanted to put their hands on this one-of-a-kind treasure.

With a full slate of famous and talented musicians now marking the back of Johnson's guitar, he felt it was time to bring Marilyn to a larger audience by making available a limited number of reproductions. Using a revolutionary investment method called Crowd Funding to attract investors, he will soon begin creating 100 reproductions of The Marilyn Guitar to sell to loyal fans of Marilyn Monroe and rock music enthusiasts.

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