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Vince with Marilyn GuitarParadise Woodworks is using a revolutionary method of raising money called Crowd Funding to launch the creation of 100 reproductions of The Marilyn Guitar. Johnson hopes to have these available to fans of Marilyn Monroe and rock music enthusiasts by the summer of 2014.

Crowd Funding is the collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money online to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. It has been used to support many activities, including disaster relief, artists, startup companies, movie productions and much more. It's a fast and effective way to spread awareness and get like-minded people involved in projects important to them.

Paradise Woodworks will work with the website Kickstarter.com, a leader in the Crowd Funding industry. Soon, you will be able to go to Paradise Woodwork's site on Kickstarter and learn how you can help fund this project, and perhaps even own your own Marilyn Guitar!

Please check back later to find a link where you will be able to learn more about our Crowd Funding goals and how you can own The Marilyn Guitar.

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